What are the objectives of Shokaveld Association:

Shokaveld Association is a new initiative of the Iran Miss Azadeh Seyedi, managing director and owner of a 15 year old Iran Import company, “Shoka Dasht “ , for various agriculture technical equipment for a better cultivation of various agriculture products.
With the new Iran political possibilities to become again a player in the International food trade Miss
Seyedi decided with her 15 years of having direct contact in Iran agriculture, to create a separate organized Shokaveld Association, a combination of Iran farmer groups and agriculture and trade experts in The Netherlands.
To bring again the famous Iran agriculture products of the past like, Pomegranates, citrus fruit, fresh and processed, plus nuts and dates, to the today quality level and business regulations of this 21 st. century.
All possible with the today modern techno logy available in the world and especially in The Netherlands.
A challenging operation and new for Iran to create a control in the:
“ Vertical value chain “ from “Farm to Fork “. per product group.
Per product group a specialized Iran farmer group will be organized and an International partner will be linked for an optimum commercial cooperation.
Shokaveld Association head office will be in Tehran where the total organization will be centralized as an umbrella organization with various supporting service organizations for all specialized product groups.
Service organizations are a.o. :
1- Product development.
2- Local and International transport organization
3- All legal responsibilities
4- Centrilsed all in / export execution of made commercial contracts
5- etc.

Such a vertical value chain integration assist and guarantee:

Such a vertical value chain integration assist and guarantee:
– Combined cultivation planning (which seeds, which agrochemicals, which fertilizer, etc.) for all farmers, to produce the best sustainable yields for a given product.
– Quality control, digital and 24/7 traceable. this means tractability back to the original farmer, including registration of his usage of agrochemicals.
– Guarantee of Food Safety
– A marketable combination of fresh and processed end products , to
  • achieve the most economical use of all harvested products (and thus minimum waste);
  • spread the risks of the market   fluctuation (price, season, customer demand

– Transparent share of price and profit between all partners in the chain (the Shokaveld partners, the international importing partners, etc.)

– Combined use of market communication resources to various world markets.
We trust the above can support Shokaveld Association in establishing a solid operation for long term economical distribution in local Iran market and exports to numerous Intercontinental markets / clients, and thus bring more welfare to the Iran farmers.
Business Development Associate of Shokaveld Association.
Peter van Ouwerkerk – Azadeh Aseyedi